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Heather Calhoun has helped hundreds of families develop and implement financial and estate planning goals. She has been a source of knowledge for seniors who are trying to navigate through the confusion of retirement planning, addressing the concerns of managing retirement income. Her clients come from a variety of professional backgrounds including farmers, postal employees, homemakers, independent contractors, business owners and executives. Heather and her team consult on each clients’ goals, developing multiple paths to choose from in order to reach goals. Her clients have never had a loss in investment. She treats each client like family and is always just a phone call away. 

Heather’s extensive history of customer service has made her well known to her clients and community as a trusted and easily accessible source of estate and retirement planning best practices. Heather is a licensed member of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners of Missouri, the Better Business Bureau, Missouri Public Notaries, Assembly of God Church and Cancer Fighters. 

Heather and her husband, Dan, have been married 26 years and live in Republic, Missouri. They have two children, Justin and Caitlin. Heather enjoys spending time with her family either swimming, tubing, or sitting beside a fire. She is the extended family’s go-to for special event planning, decorating for holidays, and just listening to problems. She is a cancer survivor and advocate for healthy living, early detection and alternative treatment options. 

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Heather Calhoun

Burgess & Associates

3322 South Campbell Avenue

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(417) 581-8220

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